movin’ on….

Well, gosh, time is flying and I am off….leaving the University…

Working at UoP with the Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business has been a total blast and has been without doubt one of the best fun jobs I have ever had.  It helped that it was easy and useful, but the reason I loved it so much was simply working with all you folk. In ten years where my personal life continually threw me curveballs,  it was the friendships I made, and the support I got from all of you that gave me the stability to carry on. 
For that, you all have my utmost thanks.

Now it has all turned around, my life has settled and much of the work has become less fun.  I feel the need to stretch my legs and brain-cells and take up another challenge.

My contract here as a Learning Technologist was the first permanent contract I had ever had in my life.  UoP also gave me my first AL contract when in 1994, Simon Standing asked me to help on a Photography Module. Since then, I worked in lots of places before returning to this job with UoP.  And, who knows, I am not saying I will never return.

Co-operative College:
My new job (starting on the 8th June2021) is as the Learning Technologist with the Co-operative College, based in Manchester, although all staff work a 4-day week remotely and I will stay in my office at home here in Plymouth.   The college staff is pretty small and my role will be wide, but it will be great to be able to make a real difference to the college, who are planning on moving all their teaching online and building their online collaborative projects with other colleges, universities, unions and councils across the UK and world.

Only 4 days a week!
This is a big one for me.  A 0.8FTE contract gives me a full extra day to get on with the other elements of my life.  Who knows, I might even take the odd day of leave, but more likely it will get used to:

  • Find a bit more teaching/training – still my first love  (plans for a storytelling course)
  • Get another photo-project off the ground and/or do some printing
  • Move some of the backlog of bike/car/boat projects and get them back on the road/water
  • Go sailing:  Busy summer with Firefly, Int Canoe and CVRDA national champs in the calendar for this summer
  • Finish converting basement – Learning concrete!
  • Pick up some more research projects or other short contract work in Learning Technology

OK, there is still never going to be enough time, but best to be busy…

If anyone else has similar plans (especially building-wise) and needs another set of hands, I am always up for swapping work-days/hours when you need help get a project done.

Still around…
I am going to miss everyone, but I am not disappearing!  I will still be working in Plymouth and on campus every now and again (gym/JSV/shows/performances, etc)

I am also still resident in a number of online media.  So do drop in and say hi!

Give me a call!

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