BremWeb Imaging provides two types of training.

The first is entirely bespoke and prepared exclusively for the client, totally dependent on their requirements. This means that Ed Bremner will come to your organisation and take you through the training totally at your speed in your time. So, if you want some in-house or personal training in any aspects of digital imaging, please get directly in touch.

There is also a range of standard workshops that can easily be run at short notice at a cost-effective rate. These are normally run by demand by larger organisations

Imaging Workshops

Title Content Who For?
Basic Image Capture Some basic theory and the skills required to enable you to make high quality digital images


Anybody making or using Digital Images
Image Optimisation Some basic imaging theory, with more material about how to get the best quality images from your originals


Anybody working with Digital Images, especially those involved in a digital capture workflow
Image Management Storing & Finding Images – looking at Image Metadata, types of database, Image tagging & digital rights management


Anybody working with a collection of images or building a new image database
Digital Photography in the Museum Some basic theory of digital imaging with hands-on time with your own cameras


Any museum staff asked or expected to take photographs in the museum as part of their normal work
Simple Digitisation of Small Collections Some basic theory of digitisation, with an introduction to Image optimisation and Image Management


Any museum or gallery staff involved in a digitisation project
Practical Approaches to Copyright for Digitisation The basics of Copyright Law followed by some practical advice on clearing copyright


Anybody using or putting images on the Web


Other Workshops

Title Content Who For?
The Social Web for Museums – An introduction to Web2 A simple introduction to Web2 – looking at how these technologies can help the museum


Anybody thinking about introducing these technologies into their museum websites
Building Websites with open-source tools – An introduction to Joomla &/or WordPress An easy background to building websites using open-source CMS tools – covering using CCS, themes, – opportunity to build website in workshop


Webmasters and museum staff who want to learn how easy it is to build
Training the Trainer A two day workshop giving you the tools to conceive, plan, create and give really high quality training. How to feel happy talking to big groups and making the difference to small ones


All museum staff that are expected to prepare and give any training

For further details of any of these workshops, please contact Ed directly at

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